Tabulated data
  1. Tabular residual cross sections (En - Residual product - cross section)
  2. Tabular spectra (En - Eout - particle - cross section)
  3. Tabular total and partial cross sections (En - cross section)
Evaluated formatted data (i.e. ENDF)
  1. The TENDL file (s30, Evaluated Nuclear Data File, explicit channels up to 30 MeV, then MF6/MT5 up to 200 MeV)
  2. Another special ENDF file (s0, all channels in MF6/MT5 from 0 to 200 MeV, charged-particle transport, MCNP)
Processed evaluated files
  1. Plots from NJOY-PREPRO
Random data (based on random sampling of input TALYS parameters)
Evaluated formatted data (gzipped)
    Random ENDF 0
    TALYS input 0
    Random ENDF 1
    TALYS input 1
    Random ENDF 2
    TALYS input 2
    Random ENDF 3
    TALYS input 3