Thermal scattering data

Last update: 31 May 2022

The thermal scattering data proposed on this page were obtained with the valuable contributions from J.I. Marquez (ESS) and G. Noguere (CEA Cadarache).

The H in H20 thermal scattering data (LEAPR, ENDF and ACE files) were obtained using the CAB model and scripts available here.

In addition, a number of random files for TSL uncertainty quantification for the thermal scattering data are proposed. They are obtained based on the publication available here. They were recently tested in these publications: here and here..

On the CAB model, please read the work from the OECD WPEC/SG42 and WPEC/SG48 pages, this paper, and on this antique work.

A particular thanks to V. Salino (IRSN) for debugging specific scripts.

These random files were used with a limited number of benchmarks to assess their impact:

  • - pst12 case 15: 175 pcm
  • - pst1 case 2: 250 pcm
  • - lct7 case 1: 225 pcm
  • - lst4 case 1: 120 pcm
  • - hst42 case 1: 150 pcm
  • - Pincell burnup calculation (UO2, 3.1%, 500ppm boron, HFP) with DRAGON: maximum 20 pcm, see here (calculations done by M. Hursin, PSI/EPFL)

For more questions, please contact D. Rochman at PSI. This work was possible thanks to G. Noguere, J.I. Marquez, M. Hursin and V. Saligno.

H in H2O at many temperatures

  • LEAPR files
  • (22/05/2021) nominal and 2000 random files (85 Mb)
  • ENDF files
  • (13/05/2021) nominal and 5 random files (230 Mb)
  • ACE files (293.60 K)
  • (20/05/2021) nominal xsdir, ace and 200 random files (1.1 Gb)
  • ACE files (600 K)
  • (20/05/2021) nominal xsdir, ace and 200 random files (1.1 Gb)
  • ACE files (900 K)
  • (20/05/2021) nominal xsdir, ace and 200 random files (1.1 Gb)

    D and O in D2O at room temperature

    • LEAPR files
    • (31/05/2022) Nominal D and O and 10 random files
    • ENDF files
    • (31/05/2022) Nominal D and O 10 random files
    • ACE files (293.60 K)
    • (31/05/2022) Nominal xsdir D, xsdir O, ace D, ace O, 10 random ace & xsdir