Reference paper

Last update: 26 December 2015

We recommend the user to reference the TENDL library with the following possibilities:

"TENDL-2015: TALYS-based evaluated nuclear data library", A.J. Koning, D. Rochman, J. Kopecky, J. Ch. Sublet, E. Bauge, S. Hilaire, P. Romain, B. Morillon, H. Duarte, S. van der Marck, S. Pomp, H. Sjostrand, R. Forrest, H. Henriksson, O. Cabellos, S. Goriely J. Leppanen, H. Leeb, A. Plompen and R. Mills, https://tendl.web.psi.ch/tendl_2015/tendl2015.html

related paper:
A.J. Koning and D. Rochman, "Modern Nuclear Data Evaluation With The TALYS Code System", Nuclear Data Sheets 113 (2012) 2841, see here.

About us

In 2015, two TENDL co-workers, previously at NRG, moved to other institutes:

A.J. Koning

Founder of TENDL (2008)

Developer of TALYS, TEFAL, TASMAN and T6

Since July 27, 2015, head of the Nuclear Data Section, IAEA, Vienna, Austria

D. Rochman

Founder of TENDL (2008)

Developer of TARES, TAFIS, TANES and T6

Since January 1, 2015, physicist at the Reactor Physics and Systems Behaviour Laboratory, PSI, Villingen, Switzerland

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