Known deficiencies

Last update: 10 February 2020

TENDL is a perfect library, which includes deficiencies. They can be related to the content as well as to the format. To inform users and to define what needs to be fixed, here is a list of reported problems.

  1. 06.12.2019, Issue in MF6/MT5 subsections using Kallbach-Mann systematics: for some of them a negative E' value is tabulated, for some others it is a duplicated E' value, in all cases it is always the last E' value. A list of concerned isotopes can be found here.
  2. The list of 65 targets contain mf3-mt18 where they should not, as sub-actinides (mf10-mt18 should you wish to but why if no nFY, n-spectra etc..). This would create havoc when used in transport simulation. this is in direct violation of the ENDF-6 formats manual: there are many strings attached to populating an mf3-mt18 that are not applied to those 65 targets. You are confused with populating an mf10-mt18. The certain mass you seem to refer to seem to be 81 when it should be 88.
  3. 31.01.2020, Another small impediment, that does not bother me as I always process single file at a time, but it will for the many that do not
    Identical MAT numbers in TENDL-2019
    99-Es-250M 9915 1451 5
    99-Es-255 9915 1451 5

    100-Fm-247M 9933 1451 5
    100-Fm-252 9933 1451 5

    100-Fm-250M 9936 1451 5
    100-Fm-255 9936 1451 5
  4. 10.02.2020, Look at the TENDL-2019 Pu238, 6 groups in 1 455, but 8 in 5 455, this is not compatible and why eight anyway?
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