JANIS book

Last update: 13 January 2020

The following pdf files have been produced by N. Soppera (NEA). They compare TENDL-2019 with experimental data from EXFOR.

1. "Alpha" (11 Mb)

2. "Deuteron" (5 Mb)

3. "Deuteron" (5 Mb)

4. "He3" (3 Mb)

5. "Neutron" (135 Mb)

6. "Proton" (14 Mb)

7. "Triton" (300 kb)

Evaluated data are plotted with full lines for exclusive cross-sections explicitly defined by a MT number, whereas dashed lines indicate residual production cross-sections given in MT5. A star '*' after the name of the library indicates additional operations performed by JANIS, e.g. summation over the ground and metastable yields, reconstruction of residual production cross-sections over the whole energy range.

Experimental data sets are identified by the year and first author of the main reference compiled in EXFOR. All experimental data are plotted on the graph but the legend will ignore all of -them if there are more than 20 data sets.

Evaluated and experimental data may not be comparable in some cases (because of energy resolution, Doppler broadening, solid state effects for neutron scattering on bound-nuclei, etc.).

In order to identify individual contributions in residual production cross-sections, reactions leading to the same product are listed along with their associated Q values, calculated using mass excess from the NUBASE2016 evaluation of nuclear properties.

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