Random thermal scattering

Last update: 12 May 2019

Random nuclear data files can be useful to repeat identical simulations with different nuclear data. This is the whole idea behind TMC (Total Monte Carlo). For more information, please read our paper.

This collection of random thermal scattering is not new, and was produced in 2013. But with the new NEA sub-group on thermal scattering data, there is a new interest in such work. The random files are hosted at NRG on the TALYS website.

Details of the production of these files can be found here. ACE files can be used with MCNP or SERPENT, whereas the TSL files are input to NJOY.

For more questions, please contact D. Rochman at PSI.

List of isotopes

H in H2O

  • 1H
  • (31/01/2013) 700 random ACE files (700 Mb)
  • 1H
  • (31/01/2013) 800 random TSL files (1.7 Gb)

    D in D2O

    • 2H
    • (22/05/2013) 300 random ACE files (265 Mb)

      C in graphite

      • 12C
      • (12/05/2020) 63 random ENDF files (85 Mb)
        credit here