TENDL Citations

Last update: 12 April 2019

TENDL citations in the literature

2019: 41 citations (see below)

2018: 147 citations

2017: 127 citations

2016: 103 citations

2015: 103 citations

2014: 86 citations

2013: 56 citations

2012: 48 citations

2011: 50 citations

2010: 15 citations

2009: 5 citations


1. "Optimization Studies on an Accelerator-Driven Neutron Source"

2. "Physical and Technical Principles"

3. "Measurement of the 43Sc production cross-section with a deuteron beam"

4. "The surprisingly large neutron capture cross-section of 88Zr"

5. "Application of FLUKA and OpenMC in coupled physics calculation of target and subcritical reactor for ADS"

6. "WCLL Blanket Module Structure Variation Influence on Neutron Activation Inventories"

7. "Activation cross sections of deuteron induced reactions on natHf in the 12-50 MeV energy range"

8. "Minutes of the 2018 Cross Section Evaluation Working Group Annual Meeting"

9. "Cross sections for formation of 139mCe radioisotope through the 140Ce (n, 2 n) reaction over 13.73 MeV to 14.77 MeV neutrons"

10. "New Cross-Sections for natMo(a,x) Reactions and Medical 97Ru Production Estimations with Radionuclide Yield Calculator"

11. "TENDL: Complete Nuclear Data Library for Innovative Nuclear Science and Technology"

12. "Recommended Nuclear Data for the Production of Selected Therapeutic Radionuclides"

13. "Evaluated data files for neutron irradiation of 182 W and 186 W at energies up to 200 MeV"

14. "Measurement of 73Ge(n,g) cross sections and implications for stellar nucleosynthesis"

15. "Impact of Nuclear Data Uncertainty in the Modeling of Neutron-Induced Recoil Atom Energy Distributions in Silicon"

16. "Neutron-Induced Activation Cross Sections Measurements on Molybdenum Isotopes in the 7-15 MeV Energy Range"

17. "Simulation study of alpha-neutron reactions from AmBe directional source using MCNP 6.1.1 with TENDL 2012, 2014, and 2017 libraries"

18. "Evaluation of the nuclear excitation functions of fast neutron-induced reactions on 52Cr and 56Fe isotopes"

19. "Neutronics of the IFMIF-DONES irradiation facility"

20. "The Feasibility of Proton Boron Capture Therapy"

21. "Extension of experimental activation cross-sections database of deuteron induced nuclear reactions on manganese up to 50 MeV"

22. "On the physics beyond the a-particle optical potential parameters"

23. "Manganese-52 production cross-section measurements via irradiation of natural chromium targets up to 20 MeV"

24. "Investigation of activation range for self-shielded PET cyclotron"

25. "Determination of the scattering cross section of calcium using the VESUVIO spectrometer"

26. "Cross-section calculations of (n, 2n) and (n, p) reactions dor 69,71Ga and 75As Target nuclei up to 20 MeV"

27. "Source term calculation and validation for 18F-production with a cyclotron for medical applications at HZDR"

28. "10 We Radioisotope Thermophotovoltaic (RTPV) Power Source Demonstration"

29. "Physical mechanisms of proton-induced Single-Event Upset in integrated memory devices"

30. "Monte Carlo Simulations of Bowing Effects Using Realistic Fuel Data in Nuclear Fuel Assemblies"

31. "Excitation functions of helion-induced nuclear reactions on natural titanium up to 55 MeV"

32. "A new study on pre-equilibrium and equilibrium effects of excitation functions of alpha-induced reactions on 51V, 55Mn and 59Co nuclei"

33. "Measurements of 59Co(d,p)60m,gCo,51V(d,p)52V, and natV(d,xn)51Cr cross sections in the 2.7-5.4 MeV energy range"

34. "In-vessel calibration of JET neutron detectors: Comparison of methods of neutron emission rate determination"

35. "A Pairwise Nuclear Fusion Algorithm for Weighted Particle-in-Cell Plasma Simulations"

36. "Radiation Chemical Yield of Hydroxyl Radicals for Accelerator-based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy: Dose Assessment of 10B(n,a)7Li Reaction Using Coumarin-3-Carboxilic Solution"

37. "Nuclear Data Libraries"

38. "Neutron-Induced Transmutation"

39. "An estimation of neutron-induced production of gases with propagation of uncertainties in nuclear data for structural materials of fission and fusion reactors"

40. "Reactions along the astrophysical s-process path and prospects for neutron radiotherapy with the Liquid-Lithium Target (LiLiT) at the Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility (SARAF)"

41. "Suprathermal nuclear effects in the solar core: overall view"


1. "Measurements of the 169Tm(n,2n)168Tm cross section from threshold to 15 MeV"

2. "The Study of 99mTc Production Using Medical Cyclotrons in Ukraine"

3. "A Simple Way to Correlate and Predict Neutron Capture Cross Sections Relevant to Astrophysics and to Nuclear Science Applications"

4. "Neutron induced reaction cross-section calculations and GEANT4 simulation for the fusion reactor material SiO2"

5. "The LIPAc beam dump"

6. "The Julich high brilliance neutron source project – Improving access to neutrons"

7. "Excitation functions of 3He-particle-induced nuclear reactions on 103Rh: Experimental and theoretical investigations"

8. "Study of activation cross sections of deuteron induced reactions on erbium in the 32–50 MeV energy range"

9. "Measurement of isomeric yield ratios of 86m,gY and 87m,gY in the quasi-monoenergetic neutron induced reactions of 89Y"

10. "A Photofission Delayed γ-ray Spectra Calculation Tool for the Conception of a Nuclear Material Characterization Facility"

11. "Studies of charged-particle-induced residual radionuclides production cross-sections using AVF cyclotron for medical applications"

12. "Measurement of excitation functions for natPb(p,xn)199,200,201Pb reactions with stacked foil activation technique at KOMAC"

13. "Cosmogenic Activation: Recent Results"

14. "Studies on excitation functions of alpha-induced reactions on natFe from threshold to 45 MeV"

15. "Theoretical study of cross sections of proton-induced reactions on Cobalt"

16. "Thermoluminescence properties of 30Y2O3.30P2O5.40SiO2 vitroceramics in mixed neutron-gamma fields"

17. "Evaluation of production cross-sections for 186Re theranostic radionuclide via charged-particle induced reactions on Tungsten"

18. "Validating production of PET radionuclides in solid and liquid targets: Comparing Geant4 predictions with FLUKA and measurements"

19. "Cross-section adjustment in the fast energy range on the basis of an Asymptotic Progressing nuclear data Incremental Adjustment (APIA) methodology"

20. The role of nuclear data for fusion nuclear technology

21. Activation Cross Sections of Deuteron-Induced Reactions on Natural Palladium for 103Ag Production

22. Activation cross-section data for alpha-particle-induced nuclear reactions on natural vanadium for practical applications

23. Overview and evaluation of different nuclear level density models for the 123I radionuclide production

24. Production of novel diagnostic radionuclides in small medical cyclotrons

25. Measurement of activation cross sections of alpha particle induced reactions on iridium up to an energy of 50 MeV

26. Development of a new general nuclide inventory analysis code

27. On the (un)effectiveness of Proton Boron Capture in Proton Therapy

28. Study on cosmogenic activation in germanium detectors for future tonne-scale CDEX experiment

29. Measurement of the neutron flux at spallation sources using multi-foil activation

30. Benchmark test of JEFF-3.2, FENDL-3.0 and TENDL-2015 with TOF experiments for graphite, silicon carbide, uranium and multiple-slab samples

31. Evaluation of the Neutron Data Standards

32. Reference Cross Sections for Charged-particle Monitor Reactions

33. Developments within the WIMS Reactor Physics Code for Whole Core Calculations

34. Model-based cross section calculations on production of 43,34Sc, 45Ti, 51Cr, 54Mn, and 55Fe radioisotopes

35. Influence of pre-implanted helium on dislocation loop type in tungsten under self-ion irradiation

36. Differential dpa calculations with SPECTRA-PKA

37. Activity inventories and decay heat generation of the Test Cell facility of IFMIF-DONES

38. Uncertainty Analysis using Condor Citvap calculation codes

39. Neutron background measurements with a hybrid neutron detector at the Kuo-Sheng Reactor Neutrino Laboratory

40. Excitation functions of proton- and deuteron-induced nuclear reactions on natural iridium for the production of 191Pt

41. Study of the cosmogenic activation in NaI(Tl) crystals within the ANAIS experiment

42. Calculation of productions of PET radioisotopes via phenomenological level density models

43. Optimization of disposal method and scenario to Reduce High Level Waste Volume and Repository Footprint for HTGR

44. Primary knock on atom spectra, gas production and displacement cross section for tungsten and chromium irradiated with neutrons at energies up to 14.1MeV

45. The FISPACT-II User Manual

46. Comparison of irradiated foil measurements with activation calculations and HPGe simulations

47. A Photofission Delayed gamma-ray Spectra Calculation Tool for the Conception of a Nuclear Material Characterization Facility

48. Excitation functions for (p,x) reactions of niobium (Ep =40-90MeV): development of the 93Nb(p,4n)90Mo reaction as an intermediate-energy proton monitor

49. Double differential neutron spectra generated by the interaction of a 12 MeV/nucleon 3636S beam on a thick natCu target

50. Activation cross sections of alpha-induced reactions on natIn for 117mSn production

51. Production cross sections of deuteron-induced reactions on natural palladium for Ag isotopes

52. Neutron radiative capture cross section of 63,65Cu between 0.4 and 7.5 MeV

53. Activation cross-sections of proton induced reactions on natHf in the 38–65 MeV energy range: Production of 172Lu and of 169Yb

54. Optimizing the 8Li yield for the IsoDAR Neutrino Experiment

55. Targets for production of the medical radioisotopes with alpha and proton or deuteron beams

56. Activation cross sections of alpha-induced reactions on natZn for Ge and Ga production

57. Material science as basis for nuclear medicine: Holmium irradiation for radioisotopes production

58. Evaluation of neutron capture cross section on 205Pb with photo nuclear data

59. Approaching well-founded comprehensive nuclear data uncertainties: Fitting imperfect models to imperfect data

60. Analysis of cross sections of (n,t) nuclear reaction using different empirical formulae and level density models

61. Excitation functions and cross section ratios for the formation of the isomeric pairs 102m,g;101m,g;99m,gRh in the natPd(p,2pxn) reactions

62. Effects of direct interactions on deuteron induced reactions

63. Energy Production and Transmutation of Nuclear Waste by Accelerator Driven Systems

64. Activation of enriched environmental xenon by 14-MeV neutrons

65. SAMOFAR Molten Salt Fast Reactor reprocessing unit design

66. From traditional biochemical signals to molecular markers for detection of sepsis after burn injuries

67. Iron NRT- and arc-displacement cross sections and their covariances

68. Lead shutter for the IFMIF LIPAc accelerator

69. Excitation functions for (p,x) reactions of niobium in the energy range of Ep=40-90MeV

70. High-energy nuclear data uncertainties propagated to MYRRHA safety parameters

71. High-Energy Activation Simulation Coupling TENDL and SPACS with FISPACT-II

72. Excitation functions of 93Nb(p,x) reactions from threshold to 42.5 MeV

73. Nuclear data sensitivity for reactor physics parameters in a lead-cooled reactor

74. Neutron Interactions on Xe-136 and Their Impact on Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Searches

75. HEIR: A High-Energy Intra-Nuclear Cascade Liège-based residual nuclear data library for simulation with FISPACT-II

76. A comparison of uncertainty propagation techniques using NDaST: full, half or zero Monte Carlo?

77. Measurements and uncertainty propagation for the natNi(p,x)61Cu reaction cross section up to the proton energies of 20 MeV

78. On Oxidation ResistanceMechanisms at 1273 K of Tungsten-Based Alloys Containing Chromium and Yttria

79. Predicting Neutron Capture Cross Sections from Nuclear Masses

80. Monoenergetic photon-induced fission cross-section ratio measurements for 235U, 238U, and 239Pu from 9.0 to 17.0 MeV

81. On suprathermal corrections to reaction rates in astrophysical plasmas

82. Measurement and covariance analysis of 59Co(n, 2n)58Co reaction cross sections at the effective neutron energies of 11.98 and 15.75 MeV

83. Excitation function of proton induced nuclear reaction on strontium: special relevance to the production of 88Y

84. Investigation on A-FNS neutron spectrum monitor system

85. Radiation Safety Analysis for the NI System in B194

86. Propagation of uncertainties in basic nuclear reaction data to uncertainties in the parameters of primary radiation damage by neutrons

87. Reproduction of neutron fluence by unfolding method with an NE213 scintillator

88. Performance assessment of adjusted nuclear data along with their covariances on the basis of fast reactor experiments

89. Volume and Surface nonlocalities terms in the neutron-nucleus elastic scattering using the velocity dependent optical potential

90. Neutron transport and benchmark on granular tungsten samples with 14.8 MeV neutrons

91. Flux weighted average cross-sections of natNi (g, x) reactions with the bremsstrahlung end-point energies of 55, 59, 61 and 65 MeV

92. A Review of (n,p) and (n,α) Nuclear Cross Sections on Palladium Nuclei Using Different Level Density Models and Empirical Formulas

93. International inter-comparison exercise on 153Sm

94. Development of Physical Processes in Geant4 for Simulation of ISOL Target-Ion-Source System

95. HiperFer, a reduced activation ferritic steel tested for nuclear fusion applications

96. Nuclear data uncertainty propagation for spectral reaction ratios

97. Measurement of the excitation function of 96Zr(a,n)99Mo for an alternative production source of medical radioisotopes

98. Excitation functions of proton-induced reactions on natFe and natZr targets for the production of cobalt and niobium isotopes

99. Production possibility of 161Tb utilizing secondary neutrons generated by protons from a low-energy cyclotron onto an isotope production target

100. Measurement of excitation functions of natTa(p,x) reactions up to 44.2 MeV

101. Advances in the measurement of the 13C(d, p)14C cross section using AMS

102. Fusion Neutrons: Tritium Breeding and Impact on Wall Materials and Components of Diagnostic Systems

103. A Study on the New Empirical Cross Section Formulae for (g, p) Reactions at 2 +/- 1 MeV Incident Energy

104. Benchmarking the HENDL-3.0 data library by simulating a sodium-cooled test reactor

105. Atomic displacement cross-sections for neutron irradiation of materials from Be to Bi calculated using the arc-dpa model

106. Consistent account of deuteron-induced reactions on natCr up to 60 MeV

107. Measurement of the cross sections of the 25Mg(n,a)22Ne reaction in the 5-6 MeV region

108. Investigation of alpha particle induced reactions on natural silver in the 40-50MeV energy range

109. Applications of C7LYC scintillators in fast neutron spectroscopy

110. New Digital Plug and Imaging Sensor for a Proton Therapy Monitoring System Based on Positron Emission Tomography

111. Production of Sc medical radioisotopes with proton and deuteron beams

112. On the importance of the neutron scattering angular distributions for the LWR fast neutron dosimetry

113. Systematics of (n, p) Reaction Cross Sections for Light Element Target Nuclei at 14.5 MeV Neutrons

114. Impact of Nuclear Data Uncertainty in the Modeling of Recoil Atom Energy Distributions in Silicon

115. Measurement of production cross sections in proton induced reactions on natural zirconium

116. Early Evaluation of Copper Radioisotope Production at ISOLPHARM

117. Promising Scandium Radionuclides for Nuclear Medicine: A Review on the Production and Chemistry up to In Vivo Proofs of Concept

118. Production routes of 107,109Cd radioisotopes via charged particle induced nuclear reactions

119. Recommended nuclear data for medical radioisotope production: diagnostic gamma emitters

120. Activation cross sections of deuteron-induced reactions on niobium up to 24 MeV

121. Measurement of 96Zr(n,g)97Zr reaction cross section at the neutron energies of 0.61 and 1.05 MeV and covariance analysis for the uncertainty

122. Evaluation of production cross-sections for 61Cu non-standard PET radionuclide via light-ion-induced nuclear reactions on Co, Ni, Zn targets

123. Radioactive Transition Metals for Imaging and Therapy

124. Engineering Challenges for Accelerated Fusion Demonstrators

125. Requirement of Nuclear Data

126. Cross-section measurement of 44mSc,47Sc, 48Sc and 47Ca for an optimized 47Sc production with an 18 MeV medical PET cyclotron

127. Investigation of the Energy Spectra of 14-MeV Neutron Generators

128. 201Tl production through light charged-particle induced reactions on Tl and Hg isotopes: theoretical and simulation approaches

129. Verification of the world evaluated nuclear data libraries on the bases of integral experiments using the RTS and T code system

130. Nuclear data uncertainty analysis for the Po-210 production in MYRRHA

131. Comments on the status of modern covariance data based on different fission and fusion reactor studies

132. Development of computer code IGDC for generation and depletion of fission products and actinides in pressure tube type heavy water reactors (PT-HWRs) using Klopfenstien-Shampine numerical differentiation formula (NDF)

133. Paleo-detectors: Searching for Dark Matter with Ancient Minerals

134. Production cross sections of Mo, Nb and Zr radioisotopes from a-induced reaction on natZr

135. Measuring neutron capture rates on ILL-produced unstable isotopes (147Pm, 171Tm and 204Tl, and plans for 79Se and 163Ho) for nucleosynthesis studies

136. Displacement damage study on Tungsten, Iron for fusion neutrons

137. Contributions to the study of the unresolved resonance range of neutron-induced reactions

138. ANITA-NC: A code system for modelling material activation induced by neutral or charged particles

139. Neutronic Analysis of IFMIF-DONES Test Cell Cooling System

140. Analysis of backgrounds for the ANAIS-112 dark matter experiment

141. Measurements of 60Ni(p,n)60Cu reaction cross-sections and covariance analysis of the uncertainty

142. Background assessment for the TREX Dark Matter experiment

143. Detailed data sets related to the covariance analysis of the measurement of cross section data of 232Th(n, 2n)231Th reaction

144. Estimation of polonium radionuclides in proton irradiated lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) targets by LSC-TDCR technique and gamma spectrometry

145. Experimental and theoretical study of rhenium radioisotopes production for manufacturing of new compositional radiopharmaceuticals

146. Determination of 59Ni(n,xp) reaction cross sections using surrogate reactions

147. alculated astatine-211 production yields for radioimmunotherapy

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