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A. Koning

S. Hilaire

S. Goriely

TALYS-1.96: (release date: December 30, 2021)

Last update: 30 december 2021

TALYS is an open source software package (GPL license) for the simulation of nuclear reactions. TALYS has been developed at

- NRG Petten, the Netherlands

- CEA-Bruyeres-le-Chatel, France

- University of Brussels, Belgium

- International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna

Under linux, use the command 'tar xvf talys.tar' to unzip and untar the TALYS package.

The total TALYS package is in the talys/ directory and contains the following directories and files:

- README outlines the contents of the package and all installation details

- talys.setup is a script that takes care of the installation

- source/ contains the source code of TALYS

- structure/ contains the nuclear structure database

- doc/ contains the documentation

- samples/ contains input and output files of sample cases

Arjan Koning